Saturday, June 24, 2006

3 Degrees of Separation

Posted by: Zee
Written by Eileena Lee from PPC

3 Degrees of Separation
4pm Saturday 8 July PPC at MOX

Lesbian bar fights | Muscle marys face-off | Diva showdowns | Faking it straight | Sarong Party Boys | Cruising for bruisings | TV or Trannie? | AC-DC | Chest bindings vs pec implants | Brazilians or Boyzilians?|

You name it, the myth and fallacies about gay men and women of Temasek, and the entire spectrum of genders, identities, preferences, sexualities, orientations, fetishes and practices that spans between the mythical 100% straight man and confirm case straight woman.

Other than yourself and the 5 close friends makes up your gay family, do you really know anything about the other side? How many gays and lesbians do you really know?

Yes, establishing 3 degrees of separation between the average gay man and woman in Singapore. That's your challenge in our new PPC activity on Saturday July 8.

This NOT Speed Dating, it is Speed Befriending.

Everyone will have 5 minutes to establish exactly how each of you is connected to the other, man or woman. It is not that hard, we are a small country, contained almost to the point of social incest.

What is counted as valid connections?

--- real facts like schools attended, church, friends, relations, old affairs, previous sex partners, dates, business links, HDB estates, idol fan clubs, saunas and other things that really did happened.

What is not counted?

--- my ideal man or woman, who I fantasize about, the goalkeeper in the Italian football team (unless you actually did managed to sleep with him rather than his laundry shop's janitor's son)

And what's in this for you?
--- No prizes. But a chance to have a few more friends to go clubbing, eat ice kachang and movies with. And for a lucky few, something more than friendship but you shouldn't take my word for it.

Slave Driver & Ring Mistress - Akasha aka Sheung & Millie

Time Bitch - our Matchstick Bitch aka Chris

Pay a subsidised cost of $6 per person for a soft drink + makan and a chance to meet new people!

In order for us to organise catering, please do RSVP by emailing
the following -
* your name
* the name/s of your guests, if any.


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