Sunday, June 25, 2006

Calling out for writers!

Posted by: Zee

Straight writers are welcome too!

Your letters are our lifeblood; so do note that we still welcome your valuable contributions and if you have an odd article you wish to see published or an event for publicity, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there.
Im real glad that a blog supporting the Homosexuals and bisexuals exsist.We had to face discrimation just because of sexual orentation and be labeled as outcasts of society. Homophobic people are the reason why PLU are afraid to step out of the closet, causing themselves more misery than they already have. I want to share a story with all those out there who are homosexuals and are afraid to step out off the closet.

> When i was younger, I knew i was different, different because i never liked boys the wat Hetrosexuals did. I found myself more attracted to girls. One day, i realised that i was a homosexual when my best friend came out to me. She told me that she had a crush on me. Like how everyone else would react, i was shocked. Shocked not because of FEAR and DISGUST, but of the fact that i felt the same way. The way she put everything across to me, the way she explained every detail, made me realise how difficult society has been with homosexuals. I new i was in their team, i knew i was a lesbian. When i found out how homosexuals were treated all over the world, i was angry that we couldnt have our rights in this world. I made a decision. I came out to my whole class that day. The reaction was as i expected. Shock.
But everything changed. Classmates started clapping, saying i did the right thing. I was confused...i didnt get what they meant. But soon i found out that most of my classmates had homosexual family memebers. While the rest were completely disgusted by the way society was treating us. The were 'the straight people that played on the Homo's team'.
I was very grateful that they understood me, how i felt. how WE as homosexuals feel. As much as i was touched by their actions, i know many would not be as welcomed as i was. Though it might be difficult, i strongly urge other homosexuals to come out from the closet. We should show that WE have RIGHTS. We should show that we are not much different from them as they are to us. Let the homosexuals of the world unite, we can make a difference.

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