Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OC English Talk: Share your stories – being gaily single

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You wished you had someone to spend the last Valentines Day? Or you longed to bring someone special home for Yuan Xiao Jie (Lunar Calender Valentines Day)?

There has been so much talking about having love relationships. Some even said that having a partner completes your life. Others give you strange look when you tell them you're single. You have gone for lots of internet blind dates and begin to worry you may be single for life...

How much truth is in that? Do you really need someone to complete your life? How do others stay happy being single? How do those in a relationship feel when they were single? What would it be like, staying single for life?

Come listen to our panellists' stories. Come share with us your thoughts.

Oogachaga's First English Talk of the Year 2007

Topic :Share your stories – being gaily single

Date :24.3.2007 (Sat)

Time :4.30-6.30 pm

Admission: Free!!! For anyone keen to listen and share, light refreshments available Venue :Pelangi Pride Centre @ Bianco (above Mox), 21 Tanjong Pagar Road
(Location Map:

· Be the first 30 to pre-register at contact [at] to receive a free drink at the event!!!

This event is brought to you by Oogachaga and supported by Action for AIDS.


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