Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pink Adventures & Travels @ Pelangi Pride Centre

Posted by: Plume
ADLUS = Adventurers Like Us

Yup, so it is all about a bunch of adrenaline junkies with a real slant in some body parts.

Come NEXT Saturday 10th Feb, over at the newly relocated PPC at Bianco, 4pm, we will be reminiscing through our old trips :-

1. Ah Boy diving in clear blue seas in Asia

2. Nam Khim survives backpacking through Thailand with a new stranger of a companion

3. Nick Evol screaming through the jungles of Malaysia aka How Ave Got Her Name.

4. Mei Mei cussing Akasha for being stuck floating
down the Pahang River for 8 days and nights

5. how Miak screamed her head off in Berkelah Falls

6. Eileena's coming out of her ku-niang closet in the caves of Van Vieng, Laos

7. Cactus girls gambling on the slow boat up the Mekong river

8. Dragging on the bus up to KL and not running in the bloody marathon

Naaaahhhhh, it won't be just show and tell of other people's holidays.

We wanna talk about traveling and adventures issues like :-

1. gay, mixed or straight travel companions
2. queens, kings or dunnos
3. setting itineraries
4. tasks and duties
5. DIY to commercial tour packages
6. roughing it out Akasha's Longkang, Martina's Frequent Flier or Prada's Platinum Class.
7. history, socio-archeology vs street life vs sex spa & shopping
8. travel safety and health tips
9. surprises: nice or nasty, how to make the most of whatever shit you're in.
10. pure holidays or combined with missions & work.
11. religion, meditation & travel
12, underwater, seaside, overland, waterfalls, hills, mountains --- choices

We will be having our discussion Fishbowl format, you'll find out what it is later.

Cost per person: $6 (which includes 2 soft drinks and finger food).

To sign up, please email contact@pelangipridecentre.org to RSVP with your name, contact number, the name/s of your guests. [pelangipridecentre at yahoo dot com]

So see you all NEXT Sat 10th Feb at Pelangi Pride Centre at MOX Bianco , 4pm-6pm.

Host - Sheung aka Akasha,
Queen of Longkang Holigay Tours & Travels